Airbag - All Rights Removed

All Rights Removed
Karisma records
Having released a good debut album, “Identity” in 2009… many people were waiting for the band’s next step to see whether this album wasn’t just made by luck. And indeed they’ve proven right ‘cuz Airbag are totally moving to the right direction with “All Rights Removed”.
Influenced by Pink Floyd (it’s actually weird that PF have mostly influenced so many metal bands), Porcupine Tree, Marillion (Hogarth era), Anathema (second era), Camel, Blackfield etc. while adding their own atmospheric/acoustic features, Airbag are building a strong name in the prog rock scene. They may bring you some of the abovementioned bands in mind at some points… but it’s obvious that Airbag are evolving with each album and tryin’ to achieve a more particular result. Even though, I would prefer the members have added a little more of their own musical personality on this one. Asle Tostrup’s vocals are very smooth and beautiful… while the guitar solos by Bjørn Riis will speak right into your soul. The keyboardist Jørgen Hagen, the bassist Anders Hovdan and the drummer Joachim Slikker are completing this musical outcome wonderfully. The production, which was done by Asle Tostrup, is simply excellent and very clear.
The album contains 6 songs and lasts about 50 minutes… so, trust me, you will totally be satisfied by the music and the length of this album. The last song “Homesick”, which lasts about 17 minutes, will mesmerize you by its magnificent atmosphere and music… absolutely amazing. If you fancy… prog rock music with lots of atmospheric/acoustic elements… and love some of the aforementioned bands… then “All Rights Removed” will amaze you very nicely. The next step of the band will be the most critical of all… so I’m waiting to hear it.