A Happy New Year with lots of changes…

GR logoTime flies! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! 2021 is almost over and we are at the threshold of 2022… a New Year that will bring us a new dawn, a new reality and all the truth we’ve all been seeking in our lives for years now. Just believe it and it will be done!
Grande Rock is also going with the flow into a new era. A new Grande Rock webzine will be online anytime soon that it will continue to have the same principles, but some issues will be changed this time. New design, more user friendly and fully optimized for smart phones as well. The GR team will be tighter and only people that truly love music will be part of it.
2021 wasn’t a fine year for most people, not to say everyone… so a change will make us feel better and look into the future with more confidence, love and optimism. You are all welcomed to follow us again in this new journey… after all it’s you, the music fans, who have kept Grande Rock webzine alive for 20 years and we can’t thank you all enough!
PS1: Happy New Year everyone!!!
PS2: This is probably the last Grande Rock editorial, as the specific section won’t be on the new GR website.
PS3: The last editorial is dedicated to all the musicians that passed away due to the pandemic or various reasons that can’t be written here. We thank them all for their contribution to music…