Submitted by Admin on Nov 24, 2021
The 1990s ushered in a new trend in the global music arena. Heavy Metal music, which had dominated the 1980s, faded away and the epic sound that’s associated with rock music entered the scene. This transition provided a pathway for alternative music groups to achieve runaway success. As a result,… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Oct 25, 2021
Musicians have many ways to supplement their income but due to lack of knowledge and awareness, they find it hard. If you are an independent producer and want to create music for a living, this piece will help you learn an effective way to publish and promote your music. Have you ever heard about… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jul 18, 2021
Architects are like artists. They take inspiration from many different sources to design unique and interesting buildings that paint the skylines and flank the sidewalks of our towns and cities. The designer of Milwaukee’s Art Museum took inspiration from nearby Lake Michigan, creating elements… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Mar 10, 2021
Many years ago, if you wanted to make a fortune from pop culture, picking up a guitar was a viable route.   It was a long and arduous journey, but music and cinema were the two methods by which one could get famous and make a living doing so. Media has changed, and as the years have evolved a new… Read More
Submitted by Admin on May 23, 2020
For some people, the experience of picking a vinyl record out of a collection, slowly sliding it out of its sleeve, placing it gently on the turntable and setting the arm is the ultimate music listening experience. Many still believe vinyl records sound better than digital formats like MP3 since… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Apr 20, 2020
Although rock ’n’ roll may have seen a decline in the 2010s – what with the shift to more digital mediums producing electronic dance and pop music – rock influences continue to appear in the sounds of bands from a variety of genres. Classic rock, however, remains a prized genre in itself. Through… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Nov 1, 2019
The internet is a strange, strange place. What was once a space for more cat videos than you could count on one hand has morphed into a medium that shapes what we see, what we know, and what we feel — although, of course, there are still quite a lot of cat videos online. It's all-encompassing,… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Apr 14, 2019
This following article is multipurpose. It wishes to present my past experiences when visiting the Sweden Rock Festival in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. In doing so, the article will also work as a short guide of how to get there, economically and tips about having a good time and enjoying the… Read More