Gig Reviews

Submitted by selena on Dec 5, 2021
After queuing for about 10min, I make it inside. The venue is small, but cosy and I love those intimate shows that make you connect in a deeper lever with the artist. I make my way to the front and due to the very small photo pit, I crouch down ready to go.   First up of the night, we have Dead… Read More
Submitted by al on Sep 11, 2021
Ra, which their longevity goes as far back as the 90’s, came out of the gates this year with announcing the “Intercorrupted” tour to back their release with the same name. And they brought a great mix of local and national talent to the Annex.   Unfortunately, I completely missed the opening band,… Read More
Submitted by al on Aug 1, 2021
Kicking off the night was Pushing Veronica, a punk rock band from California. Ever since they honored us into their family a couple of years ago, we couldn’t wait to see them get up on stage again. And tonight… our wishes were granted!! These boys opened the doors to a new generation of punk, which… Read More
Submitted by bill on Jul 31, 2021
The night begins with Let Fate Decide, who hails from just down the highway in Rockford, IL. They’re a younger band, but put out a really solid set with a mix of covers and originals. The band is well rehearsed and meshed together really with a style that leaned more towards the alternative metal… Read More
Submitted by bill on Apr 24, 2021
Welcome to the Back Bar in lovely Janesville, WI. The Back Bar is a small club attached to a sports complex. The stage is of decent size with a nice peninsula in the front and ample space on stage for backlines and movement.   First up tonight is Jamie Fontaine and the Level from Green Bay, WI.… Read More
Submitted by al on Dec 27, 2020
On a not so silent night, The Black Dahlia Murder brought on the yuletide onslaught on their holiday livestream! Aptly titled “Yule ‘Em All”, this was not a typical livestream or show for TBDM. It was oozing metal mayhem, along with Christmas antics and cheer. Even the promotional “Neil Hamburger”… Read More
Submitted by selena on Nov 8, 2020
Moonspell is a Portuguese Gothic Metal band formed in 1992. Their first EP “Under the Moonspell” was released back in 1994 and was followed up by their debut album “Wolfheart” just a year later.   They then quickly become the most recognizable metal band form Portugal and a key figure in Gothic… Read More
Submitted by al on Oct 11, 2020
Armored Saint were at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA, and performed a full set, including 4 new songs from the new album “Punching the Sky”. It was great to hear how clean the live show was throughout the stream. The band was punctual, and tight as hell, which you would expect from these metal… Read More
Submitted by selena on Sep 6, 2020
Over the past few years, Bristol’s IDLES have acted as a counterweight to the continuous rush of despair and sadness emanating from every corner of the media.   With their third album “Ultra Mono” few weeks away (September 25th), the excitement that develops within IDLES fan base ahead of this… Read More
Submitted by mark on Mar 1, 2020
First up to take the stage at The Plaza Live in downtown Orlando was somewhat of a home state band, Eve To Adam. Having formed in Florida in the late nineties and playing many of the state’s rock venues they were no stranger to many in the crowd. When they hit the stage, there was no theatrics or… Read More
Submitted by al on Feb 23, 2020
Opening bands usually get the short end of the stick with attendance, lighting house sound and energy, but The Word Alive woke up a “Sold Out” show right out of the gate. Grinding out their opener “Trapped”, red jumpsuit vocalist Telle Smith wasted no time to reach out to the fans with his engaging… Read More
Submitted by al on Feb 20, 2020
Supporting the “Walk The Sky” tour, was Michigan natives Deepfall, and Sevendust’s very own, Clint Lowery. And it was amazing right out of the gate, to say the least.   As they crack open the night at the Rave, Deepfall fills the chasm of the venue with the thunderous sound of the rumbling “I’m… Read More