GR logoGrande Rock has been active since 2001. The webzine started out in a very primal period when the Internet was not very popular globally. It was one of the first very few “Greek ezines”, (written in English totally since day one) and possibly it is the only one that has stayed alive since that era. Around 2007 there was a hiatus which lasted for about 4 years due to several issues. In late 2011 we returned to the insights of rock & metal music in full power.

Grande Rock is an international webzine that cooperates with editors and photographers from all over the world and especially from the UK and the US.
The first name was “Metal Abyss” but after a while it changed to Grande Rock. During all those years we had the chance to interview, review and see live some of the biggest names in rock/metal music on stage and also witness the birth of some new RockStars.
Grande Rock is a fully independent ezine which was created by musicians and fans just to spread out the word of their beloved music and add a tad of quality & objectiveness to the so called “paid/biased/guided journalism”. We are not “journalists” (in the actual term of the word) but a bunch of music dreamers.
Grande Rock is here to deliver a free & autonomous voice for the indie bands/artists and indie music generally who are mostly cut out by the “major press” due to money & promotional reasons. After all, it’s the independent scene which has always been the blood donor in rock & metal music at large.
Grande Rock is run by a small & flexible team of music lovers, fans & musicians. If you think that you’ve got what it takes and wanna be part of the GR team just get in touch. We are not looking for “pros” but for people who really love and live for rock/metal music.
Grande Rock is dedicated to our beloved and irreplaceable friend Takis Liakopoulos who left us early. (R.I.P.)
GR Team:
  • Thanos Aggelakis (a.k.a Nobot) – Editor in Chief, Admin, Webmaster
  • Pantelis Kydonakis (a.k.a Delos & Hyper-Tool) – Admin, Webmaster
  • Dora Kopsafti (a.k.a Roadrunner) – Editor, Proofreading, Editing and Corrections
  • Dimitrios Fatouros (a.k.a Rockavlon) – Editor, Photographer
  • Alex Savatianos – Editor
  • Mark Matson – Editor, Photographer, US correspondent
  • Ellen May Feuchtwanger – Editor, Photographer, UK correspondent
  • Al Brzosrowski – Editor, US correspondent
  • Bill “Furious” Groen – Editor, US correspondent
  • Kriz-p – Photographer, UK correspondent
  • Eric Moreau – Editor, Canada correspondent
  • Scott Smith – Editor, Photographer, US correspondent
  • Joe Dolan – PR Manager, Editor, Photographer, US correspondent
  • Cimaz T. (aka Judas Steele) – Editor, Photographer, UK correspondent
  • Melisa Malice – Editor, UK correspondent
  • Larry Krampetopoulos (a.k.a Darwin) – Editor, Photographer
  • Babbis Michalopoulos – Editor, Director, Photographer
  • Tom Minsk (a.k.a MetalTom) – Editor
  • George Velis (a.k.a Velis) – Editor
  • Alekos Touloumis (a.k.a Malice) – Editor
  • Valerie Katz (a.k.a VKatz) – Editor, US correspondent
  • Mark Wheeler (a.k.a Verminmark) – Editor, UK correspondent
  • Wendy Keogh – Photographer, UK correspondent
  • Sarah Elle – Editor, US correspondent
  • Adam Trent – Editor, US correspondent
  • Missy – Editor, UK correspondent