Captain Mantell - Dirty White King

Captain Mantell is an Italian guy Tommaso Mantelli, along with a variety of collaborators who’s been active in the Italian scene for over than two decades, but only about ten with this project, bearing the fruit of now “six” albums, this one inclusive.
The style is wildly experimental, quite varied and daring even changing quite a bit from song to song. There’s a lot of fuzziness, electricity, even fuzzy sax leads… it’s a bit post-whatever, very acidic and doesn’t feel easy to describe or place under one “specific” genre/label…

Geezer to release self-titled studio album on November 18th 2016

Geezer will release their self-titled album on November 18th, 2016, via Ripple Music and STB Records

Hailed as one of the standout EPs of 2014, “Gage” confirmed that whether spinning on your turntable or playing live, Geezer could electrify listeners with an appreciation of the American outsider like no one else.
Picking up where “Gage” left off and building on their contribution to the critically-praised Second Coming Of Heavy series on Ripple Music, the Kingston, New York-based trio return this November for another round of sonic meltdown.

Airbag - All Rights Removed

Having released a good debut album, “Identity” in 2009… many people were waiting for the band’s next step to see whether this album wasn’t just made by luck. And indeed they’ve proven right ‘cuz Airbag are totally moving to the right direction with “All Rights Removed”.