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Grande Rock is a rock/metal webzine. We do not deal (so much) with the extreme metal & core genres. We review/present almost every album we get but we always give priority to (promo) CDs, vinyl or DVDs. We do accept digital promo kits but be sure the MP3 files to be at least 320kpbs. FLAC files are accepted as well. We do not review albums, EPs & singles, when we’re asked to stream them online.

For the time being, we only review full-length albums of the current year (2021). If something changes, then this line will change or vanish as well.

We do interviews for albums we like a lot and gather a higher rating than 7. An album review isn’t necessarily accompanied by an interview from our side.

Ask for our mailing address if you’d like to send any physical promo kits over.

Do get in touch if you wanna add the banner of your band/label on top of the site. There are many ways to make things work out.

If you wanna get in the GR team, then get in touch and tell us what your interests in music are and if you have any previous experience on online/printed press.

Lastly, if none of the above makes things clear for you, then contact us and ask/say the things you want.

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