Captain Mantell - Dirty White King

Captain Mantell Dirty White King cover
Captain Mantell
Dirty White King
Overdrive Records
Captain Mantell is an Italian guy Tommaso Mantelli, along with a variety of collaborators who’s been active in the Italian scene for over than two decades, but only about ten with this project, bearing the fruit of now “six” albums, this one inclusive.
The style is wildly experimental, quite varied and daring even changing quite a bit from song to song. There’s a lot of fuzziness, electricity, even fuzzy sax leads… it’s a bit post-whatever, very acidic and doesn’t feel easy to describe or place under one “specific” genre/label…
It is likely to cause mixed reactions/feelings to different listeners. I found it original and unconventional, but not terribly suited to my tastes, but at least not cliché and “safe”, which is not what one can say about most of today’s releases. It’s worth giving them a chance and a listen, if you’re more into non-conformist material.