3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal

3 Inches of Blood
Long Live Heavy Metal
Century Media
Well, I can remember this band since its first days in the scene… I liked the traditional heavy metal approach with various power/speed features and some harsh/high pitched vocals. They were never a band to be nuts about, but they knew how to pay tribute to their metal roots.
Seeing the album title, “Long Live Heavy Metal”, I thought that we’re going for a full cliché heavy metal round… and I wasn’t wrong at all. Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, Accept and so on… things that we’ve heard one thousand times before… with no imagination, no originality, not personality at all. OK, the production is very dynamic and polished... but then what else? Do they have any new ideas? Do they offer anything worth listening except for riffs and music themes… we’ve heard far too many times in the past? Undoubtedly, this has to be the more cliché, derivative heavy metal album of the year… the album title… the song titles, the music… everything here… is 80s metal… as it was delivered by the big ones… covered up with fresh and more updated sound. If you’re 20 years old and have never heard… of the aforementioned bands then you will be surprised by this album… then again… you should better listen to those that started the whole thing and influenced thousands of bands later…