Dunderbeist to release “Hyklere” on March 2nd 2015

The new Dunderbeist album is finally done; it has taken the hard-hitting Norwegian quintet two years of blood, sweat and tears. The result is exceptionally complex in its simplicity, still keeping their snappy hooks and tongue in cheek humor.

The new album “Hyklere” (Eng.: Hypocrites) presents you a ripened Dunderbeist sound, a dive into the darker aspects of life. Brutal and honest, their most personal and greatest work to date! “Hyklere” will be out on March 2nd, 2015.

Rick BooM Steel - New Book for Drummers - Are you in the 200 Club?

After taking the drumming world by storm,with his book "The Footiments", Rick 'BooM' Steel has once again amazed the drumming community. With his latest video, "Bumble Blast: 16th note Double Pedal Double Strokes at 200 beats per minute", BooM shows why he's known as the "Double Pedal Demon". He challenges Drummers everywhere, "Are YOU in the 200 Club?"

Epica - Retrospect on November 8th 2013

Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA celebrated their 10th anniversary with a one-night-only event, dubbed “Retrospect”. The band was accompanied by the seventy piece Extended Reményi Ede Chamber Orchestra and the Miskolc National Theatre Choir, playing an unforgettable 3-hours best-of set.
According to respected Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant: “The band wrote a chapter of Dutch metal History" this evening. Rock Tribune (Belgium) thought it was "an unforgettable show".

Deals Death introduce new bass player

Swedish melo-death stalwarts Deals Death have announced a new bassist following departure of Fredrik Ljung earlier this year.
Guitarist Erik Jacobson introduces: "When we decided to go separate ways with Fredrik Ljung some time ago, we immediately set our focus on finding a replacement. And not just a new bass player but a new member who would fit the shoes of representing Deals Death on all levels. Power, strength and skill. Along with a mighty ambition to take it to the next level and a mind set to fit our own. We could only think of one person.

Children of Bodom - Halo of Blood

I remember writing for “Hate Crew Deathroll”, back in 2003; about the band’s ability to combine the aggressive heavy power metal music with brutal vocals and fine memorable melodies harmonically. The years passed and nothing really changed on CoB camp… except for one thing. They’ve lost (not totally) that ability and the taste for good catchy melodies.

Siren’s Cry signs with Nightmare Records

Nightmare Records is proud to announce the new signing of female fronted Austrian, symphonic metal band SIREN'S CRY, Touring Europe in October with Masterplan and Mystic Prophecy (tour schedule at bottom).
A perfect balanced fusion of complexity and symphonic beauty, uniquely creative, unifying the best of all metal worlds: virtuosity, enchanting melodies and powerful riffs. ingeniously combining a perfect circle of spectacular sounds.

Mindfeeder - Endless Storm

Mindfeeder is a band that’s hailing from Portugal. Even though they were formed back in 2003, they only released a demo, “Rise from the Ashes”, in 2004 and an EP, “Mind Revolution”, in 2006 till today, of course, when the time to release their debut album finally came.

Arthemis to appear at Download festival

The Heavy-Thrash Metal band ARTHEMIS is confirmed to perform at the acoustic Jagermeister Stage at Download Festival 2013.
Arthemis guitarist Andrea Martongelli states: “We are over-f@*kin'-excited to play at mighty DOWNLOAD Festival!! This is a giant step in the Arthemis career and we will deliver the best show ever for sure... we will make it special for you all so make sure you're gonna be there throwing your horns up in the air and sharing this awesome moment with us”! \m/

Mesmerize - Paintropy

I do remember this band from the early 00s. I can also remember that I quite liked their album “Off Beaten Path” back then. They released another work in 2005 and then they got off my radar, till today when I found out that they are still around making music.
I can recall that this band used to play a kind of heavy/power metal music with several epic elements. I had to double check this album as I first thought that I was listening to another band. Then I realized that although they are the same guys under the same name they had nothing to do with their past. The logo has changed & their music style too. Why didn’t they change their name as well?