Chidren of Bodom - European Tour 2013

Finnish metal superstars CHILDREN OF BODOM have just announced the first dates of their upcoming European tour 2013.
CHILDREN OF BODOM + special guests
25.09. S STOCKHOLM - Tyrol
26.09. S GOTHENBURG - Brewhouse
27.09. N OSLO - Rockefeller

Ayreon - Album title revealed

It’s been quiet in the Ayreon camp for the past couple of months, but Arjen Lucassen has broken his silence to reveal that the title of the eagerly anticipated forthcoming new album will be “The Theory Of Everything”, and that it will be a double album!
Aiming for a tentative release at the end of this year, Arjen had this to say about the album’s progress:

Radiance - Undying Diabolyca

There are some genres that are harmonically blended together and others that aren’t… or bands/musicians who are trying to do so and are not doing it right. More or less, that’s the case with Radiance. That heavy metal, prog-power, symphonic, atmospheric, technical and experimental approach leaves much to be desired.
Firstly, there’s the poor and weak production. The poor sound quality of the digital promo makes it even worst. The truth is that this kind of production can easily be achieved in a home studio. I do not know if that’s the case here but it does sound like one.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Saivon Lapsi

EToS were one of my beloved melodic, atmospheric death metal bands back in the early 00s. Especially, after the amazing & their best (to date) album, “A Virgin and a Whore”, I was pretty sure that these guys were going to be huge. Unluckily, fate chose otherwise and they broke-up after a couple of years. Still, that album didn’t get the exposure and the publicity it deserved. I keep coming back to this CD even to this day and I still enjoy it as the first time. Superb work by any means.

Karnya - Coverin’ Thoughts

Another newly formed band form Italy that’s not into power metal (that’s “weird” indeed!) but more into prog rock/metal music. The band was founded after the three original members, the bassist Enrico Sandri, (Utopia), the keyboardist Dario Di Pasquale (ZEN) & the vocalist/guitarist Riccardo Nardocci (solo) came together and decided to mix their different musical backgrounds and create some music from scratch.


Hi Andy… As you already know “Digital Lies” has been chosen as the Best Album of February on Grande Rock! Congrats dude!
A: A big honour! Thank you very much. It’s great to hear that you guys are enjoying the new music. Hopefully everyone who has the chance to hear our album will think the same.
New album after 3-4 years, with a new drummer this time. Tim Yatras left and Damian Costas has filled his position. Is he a Greek as well?

Vindictiv signs with Escape Music

Swedish metallers VINDICTIV has inked a deal with UK based label Escape Music Ltd. The band's third album, "Cage of Infinity", was mixed by Lars Chriss (LION’S SHARE), and will mark the recording debut of their new singer, Marco Sandron (ex-EDEN'S CURSE). 
"With the new album we are heading in a more straight-ahead heavy metal direction compared to the first two releases. I made an effort to make the album cohesive, but as a notorious shredder, I couldn't restrain myself completely", laughs band leader and guitar wiz Stefan Lindholm.