Siren’s Cry signs with Nightmare Records

Nightmare Records is proud to announce the new signing of female fronted Austrian, symphonic metal band SIREN'S CRY, Touring Europe in October with Masterplan and Mystic Prophecy (tour schedule at bottom).
A perfect balanced fusion of complexity and symphonic beauty, uniquely creative, unifying the best of all metal worlds: virtuosity, enchanting melodies and powerful riffs. ingeniously combining a perfect circle of spectacular sounds.
Influences such as Dream Theater, Metallica, Nightwish, Threshold, Angra and Symphony X are realigned in a completely new way: every song takes the listener on a thrilling journey through a picturesque landscape.
Prepare yourself for an incredible journey through the ethereal spheres of Scattered Horizons. This album takes progressive metal to a totally new and unexplored level that will quickly conquer your heart. Convince yourself and witness a new form of metal! 
Nightmare will announce release date of the bands album "Scattered Horizons" will be released via Nightmare/ Sony/ RED Sept 3rd, 2013. Just in time for ProgPowerUSA Festival in Atlanta, GA. 
***The band self promoted this album, but never released it in hopes of landing a deal with a label, there are several early reviews out there because of this, please update these reviews with label information "Nightmare" and current release info, we'll be sending out updated digital promo's very soon for this one for all media! 
Track listing:
1. Introitus 
2. S3V3N 
3. Oratory & Sins 
4. Elegy of R'lyeh 
5. Draconian Spectrum 
6. Cold Amber & Scalding Tears 
7. Sahara Sagas Pt. I 
   I: Overture – Sands of Time 
   II: Beyond the Veil 
   III: The Unravelling 
   IV: Shahryar - The Great King 
   V: Astray 
8. Serpents of War 
9. Controversial Mind
European Tour dates co-headline tour / Masterplan & Mystic Prophecy
01.10.13 (DE) Berlin – C Club 
02.10.13 (DE) Hamburg - Ballroom /Warehouse RnR 
03.10.13 (DE) Bochum - Matrix 
04.10.13 (NL) Uden - De Pul 
05.10.13 (NL) Kerkrade - Rocktemple 
06.10.13 (BE) Vosselar - Biebob 
07.10.13 (FR) Paris - Le Divan Du Monde
09.10.13 (DE) Aschaffenburg - Colosaal 
10.10.13 (DE) Siegburg - Live Club Kubana 
11.10.13 (CH) Pratteln - Z7 
12.10.13 (DE) Memmingen – Kaminwerk 
13.10.13 (DE) München - Backstage Halle 
15.10.13 (IT) Milan - Fabric 
16.10.13 TBA 
17.10.13 (AT) Vienna - Aera 
18.10.13 (HU) Budapest - TBC 
19.10.13 (CZ) Prague –  Club Matrix 
20.10.13 (DE) Erfurt - From Hell 
21.10.13 (DE) Nürnberg – Hirsch