Ash Of Ashes release new video for “Down the White Waters”

Ash Of Ashes video pic
At the end of the year of the album release, Ash Of Ashes have created a very special treat for their fans.

A music video for the title song “Down the White Waters”, which in less than three months could reach the absolutely remarkable number of 90.000 Spotify plays for a newcomer!

The epic metal song has thus received the appropriate and mood-appropriate images, and was produced by the band themselves with the help of friends.

The recordings for the video were made in Norway as well as in the native Sauerland. It is about departure and the journey into the unknown. For Ash Of Ashes, the journey has just begun...

Watch the msic video for “Down the White Waters” below.

Only every few years appears in the spiritual-natural, epic-pagan area of ​​the upscale heavy metal, a very special album classic, which seeks on a wide, artistic area of ​​its kind.

And “Down the White Waters”, the debut longplayer of Ash Of Ashes, joins this exquisite guild quite clearly and sublime.

The always accessible, often highly catchy and even clearly hit-capable compositions wander with healthy pride on melancholy, partly sad levels. But the musical soul of the band is free of bitterness and always focused on timeless aesthetics.

The strongly poetic, emphatically artistic and aesthetic style of Ash Of Ashes is best described as Epic Skaldic Metal.

Composing master Skaldir, who became known with the dissolved predecessor group HEL, wrote and arranged fabulously independent songs full of longing and passion, which inevitably instantly grab the soul of a real lover of such art.

Only the catchy instrumental “Springar” is based on a traditional melody that Skaldir interpreted and arranged in his own way. (Markus Eck)

“Down the White Waters” was released on September 21st, 2018, Get the album here.

Skaldir - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Morten - Lyrics, Vocals

Dennis Strillinger - Drums
Mathias Gyllengahm - Nyckelharpa (on “Ash to Ash” & “Springar”)
Runahild - Hardingfele (on “Seven Winters Long”)