Russkaja to release new studio album “Kosmpoliturbo” on August 4th 2017

In a world where globalism wipes away any and all boundaries, Russkaja supply a suitable soundtrack with their new record “Kosmpoliturbo”.

Upbeat powerful songs swing between countries, languages and cultures - High speed, groovy Polka Ska meshes with distorted guitars.

Sparkling violins let the big bass baritone vocals of lead singer Georgij Alexandowitsch Makazaria shine as bright as the stars.

01. Hey Road
02. Alive
03. Still In Love
04. Hello Japan
05. Volle Kraft Voraus
06. Mare Mare
07. Cheburaschka
08. La Musica
09. Chef De Cuisine

Ninjaspy announces Spring/Summer 2017 Canadian Tour

Vancouver's Ninjaspy, a trio of blood brothers that have created a metal fusion of hard, heavy, hook-laden music that runs the gamut of reggae, surf, metal and more will be performing their explosive and powerfully unhinged live show across Canada in support of their next full length “Spüken”, due out on April 14th, 2017.

Their album is once again produced by GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mudvayne, Gallows) and Ben Kaplan (Biffy Clyro, Atreyu, Haste the Day) to follow Ninjaspy's 2013 EP / graphic novel “No Kata” and their 2007 debut “Pi Nature”.

Breaking Fuel - More More More

Breaking Fuel is a French bunch, from Bordeaux, that are quite “damaged”… seemingly a lot of Frank Zappa inspired shit, is coming outta France as of late, which begs the question are people driven mad, by the policies, or is it something in the water ? F#%K knows...

Madness - One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD on October 13th 2014

When Top Of The Pops rocketed Suggs, Chas, Barzo, Woody, Chrissy, Thommo and Bedders into our living rooms with “The Prince” in 1979, Madness’ rise to stardom was swift. Spearheading the 2Tone Ska revival, along with The Specials, the band adopted an authentic attitude and philosophy that propelled them quickly into the charts. Fast-forward thirty five years and countless hits later, Madness are rightly considered one of the most important acts that Britain has ever produced.

Salvo Sound and Vision are pleased to announce “Madness: One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition”, will be released on 13th October on CD/DVD.

Forrest Day signs with Breaking Bands LLC

Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Rob Zombie... countless notable bands have made waves by carrying the namesake of their lead singer, and it’s time to make room for one more. Expanding from their local stomping ground of San Francisco, CA and asserting their engaging sound and live show up and down the west coast, eclectic audio-artists Forrest Day are poised to take on the big time.

Buster Shuffle new album out in April

BUSTER SHUFFLE announces their new album "Do Nothing" for 06/04/2012 on People Like You Records (EMI Distribution).
Since the release of their debut, "Our Night Out" (Produced by Ian Catskilkin/Art Brut) and the following tours, BUSTER SHUFFLE from London are no longer only an insider's tip.
Their second album offers a unique blend of rocking Brit-pop with punky attitude and a fine shot timelessly fresh Madness bonds.

People Like You records - Festivals 2012

The Easter break is about to hit us and therefore the traditional Satanic Stop Festival takes place in Speyer (Germany). PLY will hand out a very special Summer Sampler on the Stomp with tracks of Demented Are Go, Bob Wayne, The Brains and Mad Sin. Watch out and grab it! More details at:
Next week we continue with the PUNK & DISORDERLY Festival in Berlin, followed by the Groezrock Festival in Belgium in late April.