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Breaking Fuel
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Breaking Fuel is a French bunch, from Bordeaux, that are quite “damaged”… seemingly a lot of Frank Zappa inspired shit, is coming outta France as of late, which begs the question are people driven mad, by the policies, or is it something in the water ? F#%K knows...
Breaking Fuel, seem to favor a bizarre sort of energetic indie rock, but tend to stray wildly, as they incorporate also a lot of ska, punk, blues, classic rock and reggae in their songs, sometimes, all of those genres, within a single track. The result is a complete mindFUNK. They also enlist the aid of members of O.P.A. (surely not the defunct Greek proto Hip Hoppers?!), La Réplik and The Mars Volta. They also claim that the entire experience was recorded mixed and mastered in analogue. I’ll give it to them that the album has an organic feel and feels not too compressed, but the fact that I’m doing this review listening to the album on mp3s is a bit ironic in that respect.
I guess people who like all the bizarre shit that Mike Patton comes up with might like em, but I’m not that much impressed... especially the vocals, are quite hard to get into and become pretty annoying after a couple of songs. If you’re gonna go for the chaotic, you’d better be really extraordinaire, otherwise the “gimmick” becomes tiresome, fast!