People Like You records - Festivals 2012

The Easter break is about to hit us and therefore the traditional Satanic Stop Festival takes place in Speyer (Germany). PLY will hand out a very special Summer Sampler on the Stomp with tracks of Demented Are Go, Bob Wayne, The Brains and Mad Sin. Watch out and grab it! More details at:
Next week we continue with the PUNK & DISORDERLY Festival in Berlin, followed by the Groezrock Festival in Belgium in late April.
Of course, at every festival, PEOPLE LIKE YOU bands can be seen on stage. What a great start to the festival season 2012. Don't miss it and stay tuned.
Satanic Stomp Speyer - 07.-08.04.2012 (The original '87 MAD SIN Trio, THE PEACOCKS)
Punk & Disorderly Berlin - 13.-15.04.2012 (BUSTER SHUFFLE)
Groezrock Belgien - 28.-29.04.2012 (FACE TO FACE) 
Rock'n'Ink Chemnitz - 18.-20.05.2012 (DEMENTED ARE GO, THE BRAINS) 
Ruhrpott Rodeo - 26.-27.05.2012 (SLIME)