Buster Shuffle new album out in April

BUSTER SHUFFLE announces their new album "Do Nothing" for 06/04/2012 on People Like You Records (EMI Distribution).
Since the release of their debut, "Our Night Out" (Produced by Ian Catskilkin/Art Brut) and the following tours, BUSTER SHUFFLE from London are no longer only an insider's tip.
Their second album offers a unique blend of rocking Brit-pop with punky attitude and a fine shot timelessly fresh Madness bonds.
On 13/04/2012, the band will play an exclusive acoustic show in Berlin and will present a selection of new songs live:
BUSTER SHUFFLE "Do Nothing" Sneak Preview Live & Acoustic
Friday, 13/04/2012
Krausnickstr. 23
10115 Berlin - Mitte
* Free entry - 07pm
The next day Buster Shuffle will be heard in full cast and energized at 8.30pm at the Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin!