Ninjaspy to release new studio album “Spüken” on April 14th 2017

Ninjaspy Spüken cover
Ninjaspy, a trio of blood brothers have been experimenting with metal fusion since 2006. Hard, heavy, hook-laden music that runs the gamut of reggae, surf, metal and more make up the band’s rule-breaking formula for notoriety.

All this combined with an explosive and powerfully unhinged live show got Ninjaspy off the ground in a hurry. Releasing their 2007 debut “Pi Nature” and their 2013 EP “No Kata” with a graphic novel, the band of brothers have teamed up once again with prolific producers GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mudvayne, Gallows) and Ben Kaplan (Biffy Clyro, Atreyu, Haste the Day) for their next full length “Spüken” due out on April 14th, 2017.

Years in the making since spring 2014 when Ninjaspy launched the “Jump Ya Bones” and crowd funding Campaign, the band was able to raise $15,000 to fund the new full length. They began recording in November 2014, taking their culmination of nearly a decade of songs and narrowing them down to an epic 10 track experience to demonstrate all their downbeats to breakdowns to their weaving of reggae, hardcore, metal and much more.

“These 10 songs span a decade, so there are a lot of different feels happening from song to song that represent what we got into over the years. It's like we spent 10 years swallowing everything life threw at us, then we threw it all back up again, and are now able to listen to the blended, half-digested version of it”, says vocalist / guitarist Joel Parent.

“Spüken” was recorded and mixed sporadically over the next two years at in Vancouver BC and in the spring of 2016 between recording sessions, the band teased fans with a filmed and recorded live acoustic performance of their track “Azaria”, a song that is included with full metal instrumentation on the new genre-bending album. It showed the true diversity of the band and their ability to take manic and intense music and make it tender and raw.

The band's first full single / music video “Speak” can be watched below and can be downloaded from their online store, iTunes, CD Baby and Bandcamp.

1. Speak (4:43)
2. Shuriken Dance (4:02)
3. Brother Man (4:54)
4. Dead Duck Dock (4:45)
5. Become Nothing (3:18)
6. What! (3:08)
7. Jump Ya Bones! (3:55)
8. Grip The Cage (4:10)
9. Azaria (4:02)
10. Slave Vehemence (5:44)

Live Dates 2017:
March 18 - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre - info (The Dreadnoughts 10 Year Double-Show PunkSTRAVAGANZA)
July 14/15 - Armstrong, BC @ Armstrong Metal Fest w/ Revocation, Aggression, Golers and more