Within Temptation - The Unforgiving

Within Temptation The Unforgiving cover
Within Temptation
The Unforgiving
Roadrunner Records
“Some may call it a curse…a life like mine…but others a blessing…it’s certainly a lonely life… but a fulfilling one and the best…it’s my cross to bear… and I’ll bear it gladly…someone has to take a stand against evil…why should it not be me..”
It could have been the opening that caught my attention… a smooth voice uttering words able to send shivers down your spine... what can I say indeed??? Even though we do know that the concept in this album is related to a comic series, the group gets their message across: they have been in the limelight since 1996 producing metal variations and they can undoubtedly better their skills. Compared to their previous work, this beloved band has lost none of its potency. The guitarists have surrounded Sharon’s unique voice to bring about a more commercial album yet, not one that would disappoint the ones who favored some of their old sounds (as different as chalk and cheese, I can’t enumerate the disparities!!). Those who have already paid close attention to this very special vocalist, wouldn’t fail to notice more maturity concerning her voice. Sharon has definitely acquired a deeper, more sophisticated and rather intricate way of performing. It would be unfair not to mention that adding more keyboard use has really refined the overall sounds and even though their new acquisition (Mike Coolen – drums) did not participate in the original studio production, we trust he will live up to our expectations during a live show.
This new release is accompanied with a DVD presenting how the clips were made thus, one will be able to enjoy “Within Temptation” to their full extent. “Esprit de Corps” is what characterizes them the most and that is pretty obvious throughout the DVD. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however there are some songs in this album which particularly caught my attention. “Shot in the Dark”, “In the Middle of the Night”, “Iron”, “Murder”, and “A Demon’s Fate” offer strong sounds and a variety of intriguing lyrics. “Faster” is what I would call a bit more commercial than the others but then again, why shouldn’t it be? As for the rest of them, they are simply magnificent in their own way. Unfortunately, only the Polish got this amazing bonus track called “Utopia”… Admittedly, this album has been their best far and away. So, instead of letting me tire you with my prolonged praise….why don’t you get yourselves in the nearest shop, buy the album and eventually feel what I have felt?