Witchstone - Mortal Fear of Infinity

Witchstone Mortal Fear of Infinity cover
Mortal Fear of Infinity
Independent Release
I wonder how long till the fad of 70s fawx hypsteria subsides and these neo-doom-drone-desert and similar bands go the way of dinosaurs…
Witchstone is a Canadian quintet that performs this 70s inspired 90s doom hybrid, sounding like it was recorded inside a big tank, with 3$ microphones and if the above description and lo-fi values and 4 songs all above the eight minute mark gets you wet, then you’re in for a treat.
I can hear some decent half riffs, little else that’s clearly audible and not blanketed and verily murmurs instead of vocals. I didn’t have a bad time, but damn I wish I was stoned or stone drunk while listening to this, because a sober play through of the album, leads to disappointment…