Voz - Shadows of Death

Shadows of Death
Coming from Florida, this metal quartet consists of members that have been around the metal scene for several years… Morrie Vozdecky - guitars, vocals, Shane French - guitars (ex-Jon Oliva's Pain, Circle II Circle, Millenium), Scott Baskin - bass (who replaced Raven Blakkwell that played the bass in the album) & John Teer - drums (ex-Teer). The guest appearances of Pete Blakk - lead guitars & Dave Garcia - additional guitars offer a more powerful edge to the album.
Aggressive heavy/power metal music… with Judas Priest, Accept, Iced Earth, Cage, King Diamond etc influences… and a more American sound. The production is sort of hollow… and in my opinion, it should have heavier and tighter… but it doesn’t affect the final result that much. Pounding rhythms, heavy riffs, shredding guitars, searing vocals… are all those things that the 80s metalheads loved over the years. You may not find any new ideas here, or anything groundbreaking at all… but this is a well-played album that contains some fine heavy/power metal songs.