Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught

Lazarus A.D.
The Onslaught (remastered)
Metal Blade Records
First album from Lazarus A.D., and to tell the truth I didn't expect I would listen to good thrash metal from a new band, usually what we hear are copies of 80s thrash metal that never exceed the original work, but these guys managed to take thrash one step further without losing anything from the original thrashness.
The album starts really fast and powerful with “Last Breath” and it keeps all this energy up until the last song, with the guitar playing aggressively throughout the album while remaining melodic at the same time, and with the heavy vocals working well with the music. On the other hand, some elements from groove metal make their presence, but when combined with heavy thrashy riffs they will hardly disappoint any old or new thrash metal fan. If you are still in doubt check at least their songs “Thou Shall Not Fear” and “Who I Really Am”. Overall, this is definitely a good album from a band that is full of potential.