Inedia - Aritmia//Wasteland

Inedia Aritmia//Wasteland cover
Sleaszy Rider Records
Inedia is an Italian band, in the post rock genre that mixes things up with atmospheric parts, stoner, drone, desert moments and growly vocals on occasion. This is their third release since 2012 but this “over-productivity” is probably because they are so “whatever” that I suppose whatever might end up on the albums… a good example of that is opener “The Fire Fellows” – a loop that goes on for five minutes with a shoe-gazing murmur vocal.
“Neighbour’s Dog” begins in just the same way but branches out to a heavy jam between Mastodon’t and all those pretentious Norweigian bands like Kvelercrap. Only 10 times more boring.
For “Graveyards” the singer doesn’t even bother staying in tune, further murmuring and spacing out with some occasional guitars in the next 4-5 minutes. This is a lame attempt at “space” rock that’s plainly boring, which must be quite an achievement, since inherently the genre is quite freeform.
“The Days of Sandstorm” begins a bit more dynamically to end up more underwhelming than your average Beck (90s) track, only a lot worse.
“Message from my Futureself” sounds like bad, completely out of tune Anathema, without any charm.
“Paranoia’s End” is much much better, because it’s an instrumental, but I wouldn’t really tip my hat off to the band because of it.
Lastly the 7 minute “(( η ))” is nearly instrumental with only some momentary – deeply buried vocals, and is audible, but lazy… easily excitable fans of Tool and Mastodon’t might be impressed. I’m not.