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Massacre Records
Helldorados are a newcomer from Stuttgart, Germany. They have various influences from music styles such as hard rock modern/alternative rock & heavy metal… besides they seem to fancy acts like: Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Hardcore Superstar, Creed, Scorpions, Crashdïet among others. Sometimes they sound more “traditional Heavy” oriented… and others they have many sleaze/hard rock features. One thing is for sure… not matter what they do… they can’t get rid of their big Metallica impact… they seem to have ‘em in their blood. Not that they’re trying to copy Metallica… but those ala James vox that their singer is fond of trying out at times… are up to scratch but sometimes they are over the top if you ask me… their riffology (and a few parts of the lyrics) also smells Metallica from miles away.
They have paid extra attention to their sound and their production is excellent. The album was recorded at the legendary Horus Sound Studios (Scorpions, Helloween, Kreator, Victory, Guano Apes, etc.) in Hannover, Germany with producer Mirko Hofmann. That’s the production any hard & heavy band should have… the fact that they took good care of it and didn’t just hurry to record, mix and release the album, really adds more points to the final outcome.
They’ve got potential… their debut album is decent… but they miss a number of things that can take them higher. It’s completely on their hand, from now on, to go somewhere… or just fool around for quite a few years. I think they need to focus more on what they wanna deliver, play and write… ‘cuz they songwriting seems to be all over the place every so often. It’s good to have numerous rock/metal influences but you must be more focused when it comes to songwriting and song arrangements. I’d like to see how they will evolve throughout the years…