Gothic Knights - Reflections from the Other Side

Gothic Knights
Reflections from the Other Side
InnerSphere Music
I thought I’d never hear from these guys again… as it’s been almost 10 years since their previous studio work. Those who are not familiar with the band may think that due to their name they are some kind of gothic band and stuff like that… but the truth is totally different. Gothic Knights were formed back in 1990 by John Tsantakis (a.k.a. John Tsantis) and they are an utterly heavy metal band, true to its roots, which means they are influenced by Judas Priest, Accept, Helstar, Jag Panzer, Vicious Rumors, Cage (although they were formed after GK) and so on. They have also embellished their sound with power metal, melodic, dark and atmospheric passages… along with some wonderful & gloomy choirs without affecting the outcome of their music at all… moreover, making it more interesting.
Without ever gained the popularity they are worthy of - even though they still are better than some well-advertised bands of their genre - they are active, still alive & they are delivering prominent heavy metal music with attitude, style and fine melodies. They have a 90s metal background, without sounding retro whatsoever… in addition, the production is very fresh, vigorous & heavy. Returning after a long hiatus, Gothic Knights proved that when there’s passion, creativity and hunger… you can deliver a strong heavy metal album without being tedious & monotonous. I must also refer to the singer Rick “Warlock” Sanchez, who has a Halford-like voice and will excite the fans of heavy metal who are fond of such voices.
Grande Rock took the chance to present the album, as we know that due to no promotion, a few will know about this release (at least at this point-time) and most of the webzines & magazines around the world won’t even review it… you see, the guys are writing/playing the fuckin’ music and do not have the means or a big label behind them to “buy” (get them) some fancy reviews. Going counter-current, we will always present albums that are worth listening to, by trying to promote each band that must get out there because they have something good to say. Gothic Knights is one of those bands that easily surpass some major or not heavy bands of the genre, whose new releases are being advertised widely every now and then… but in the end they have nothing good or novel to offer. Do support bands like Gothic Knights for they are true to what they express and deserve to have bigger audiences.