Gory Blister - Earth-Sick

Gory Blister
Bakerteam Records
Gory Blister are coming from Italy and they have been around since the early 90s… but it was only in 2003 when they eventually released their debut album. This is their fourth full-length album, which is being released under a new label.
Gory Blister are playing death metal music… heavily influenced by the 90s (they were formed then… how couldn’t they be) and by the big bands of the era such as: Death, Carcass, Pestilence, Atheist, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse among others. They have a more technical approach… but with many more brutal death features… bringing a mixture of Death (2nd era) and Morbid Angel with Cannibal Corpse to mind. The guitar solos… are more on the heavy metal side… following the logic of Death’s solos… while their very brutal vocals and the growls along with the fast drumming makes the album almost nightmarish at times. Karl Sanders (Nile) is also participating on the songs “Soul-Borne Maladies” and “Serpent Verse”. The production is terrific… very fat and heavy.
What more could I say here… rather than try them out if you like the aforementioned bands… for they will actually satisfy you. If you happened to be a fan of the band then you will already have this album on your top priorities.