Emmure - Hindsight

Emmure Hindsight cover
SharpTone Records
Drudging through the almost-demise of Emmure in 2015, Frankie Palmeri recruited a fresh, new line-up that resurrected the deathcore outfit. “Hindsight” builds on this new, evolved band, while still showing that they made it through the darkness.
“(F)inally (U)nderstand (N)othing”, which seems to cross some generations. The track is a melting pot of groove, nu metal and God knows what else, with vocal mastery from Palmeri.
“Gypsy Disco” implodes and sends you into an industrial tizzy that is an aural hurricane.
Now, “I’ve Scene God”... INSANE!!! It has this horrific, “Saw” movie, up and down, drill bit into the head sound that will give you chills once it’s over.
“Persona Non Grata” is definitely a showcase. Every member has something to give to this track. One of my favorites. Palmeri and his new crew pushes music right through your face. Forget the volume knob, it just melted.
“Thunder Mouth” leans on a Korn-esque sound that travels like a freight train through a thunderstorm.
The closing track “Uncontrollable Descent” was a great way to end the album. All of the different elements of the record get wrapped into a brutal and riff filled present that sends you on your way.
With “Hindsight”, Emmure have created a record that calls out to the gods of nu-metal, and yet sticking to their roots. Good call Palmeri on the lineup change.