Cobra - To Hell

Cobra To Hell cover
To Hell
Austral Holocaust Productions
Although I’m a bit touch and go when it comes to these true metal revivalist bands as most of them borderline on self-parody without even realizing it, only successfully copying the dress code of the 80s, sometimes maybe featuring one or two apt band members and even writing one or two good songs... while most of the times featuring out of tune vocalists that scream their balls out, without actually having any attitude or hitting any notes (right anyway) or without the help of autotune… which in turn makes them sound like little girls… oh well… but it’s heavy metal god damn it… leather and spikes and swords and steel and tons of baby oil?! Right?! Right?!
All of these clichés don’t specifically apply to these exotic Peruvian true metal warriors and brothers of true metal named Cobra (no not the Survivor precursors or the NWOBHM luminaries or any other Cobras you have in mind, including the GI Joe faction :D hahaha) at least not as badly as they do to most of their German or Swedish contemporaries that scream for “Wictory” on the “Battolfield”! Ah and don’t get me started on the few “Greek” and “Italian” ones… or the “Spanish” ones or I might have a field day! Ehehehehe! Nah… these Latin mofos apparently have all the fire, of the NWOBHM, mixed with the right amount of proto teutonic speed and a singer that manages to sound maybe a bit over the top, but HEY, in this “genre” and “style” taking it a bit over the top is not only excused is probably what you’re looking for.
The band worships at the altar of Iron Maiden, which becomes a little too glaringly obvious on a couple of occasions but that’s OK... I mean, so did half the bands in the 80s and so do a lot of bands still. The singer reminded me of a guy with the range and the passion of Andre Matos when he was doing Viper, but a lot more gruff and a more insane and metallic “tone” in his voice that has the right amount of Teutonic masculinity and a hint of an exotic Latin accent that however isn't annoying and is sort of impossible to place.
There’s also a bit of 80s hard rock riffing going on, that’s more loose but kinda mixes well with the Maiden influences in a rather seamless fashion and the whole songwriting is either very exciting, when they push the pedal to the metal for some “true metal bliss” or cool and more 80s metal bliss, but still rocking a plenty, like I dunno “Motley” meets “Tesla” meets early “Guns” but faster and more metallic… which you know ain’t bad… in fact I sort of recalled Joker not the Portuguese or the rather hapless Greeks, the dynamite rocking American band that unfortunately gave up after only a couple of albums and an aborted EP! They’re very reminiscent of that! True Metal with the right amount of screaming proto metallic hard rock and just enough melody to not suck it. Fucking Perfection!
From the go with the “Beyond the Curse” that just leaves you in total awe… and desire to hear more “Fallen Soldier” just keeps the blows coming with its relentless rhythm… and amazing intricate and very passionate solo work.
“Danger Zone” drops the speed a notch and goes for a charming Maidenesque – obviously – gallop and a very cool ass riff and a very interesting theme. Again the solos work is second to none and the chorus is pretty cool!
“Rough Riders” bases itself around a good if not a little “generic riff” but lacks a good chorus but at least redeems itself somewhat with a good series of leads.
For a while I thought that “Beware My Wrath” must have been a statement by the guitarists Anders and Nito as, there’s a shitload of guitar going on at the beginning of this track… but almost midway the vocals by the bands talented singer Harry El Sucio, arrived… typical fast paced, “Night of The Blade” type of song… riffy, your face – and up your khyber… :D lol!
“When I Walk the Streets” drops speed a tad, trying to get a little heavier and it half succeeds there, since it’s not too long to get anywhere. It’s not too bad, but it doesn’t really go anywhere.
The album’s namesake “To Hell” (but probably not back) is guaranteed to send to just there... at 1000 miles an hour… blasting fast and loud and brimming with confidence… Cobra are biting you in the ass, hard! Oeer, missus, as the great Coverdale ‘d say... of course!
Last but not least, “Inner Demon” brings things full circle and back to the metal, full time, to provide some more closure… to the metallian in you, that has probably been hurt from been spood fed too many “crappy” mASSterpieces, from magazines that seem to be in bed with PR firms and almost bankrupt companies that need to push product and need to sell t-shirts to survive. Well, there are bands out there that deserve the support of the fans and the whole download situation, has really funked up the “game” big time, screwing the industry but also the bands big time.
The industry – just makes sure they screw the bands EVEN more through the live events, now or the merch, which you can’t download… a big frigging vicious circle… hehe… I just had to say that, because I saw this awesome album getting “butchered” somewhere… something that would not have happened, if they were under the watchful eye of a big “company” because HEADS would roll…
Sad Shit.... or Shit Sandwich! That’s the question… promoters of metal...
Just checkout Cobra… this band has a bite and is amongst the better revivalist bands I’ve heard in a long while, shit, probably one of the best ever... to be honest.
PS: I hope they get invited at KIT, in the place of half of those ridiculous, bands that get in there because of politics… obviously being Peruvian and not on some big company… it’s gonna be a long shot... But these guys are more metal than half the roster of hopeless turgid assholes, like American bands with singers that won’t pay their alimony money so they can’t get out of the country, American bands who can’t decide on their line-ups and all that jazz oh and American singers supported by local musicians using their bands name, that’s also kinda lame too.