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FireForce to release new studio album “Rage of War” on January 15th 2021

Rage of War” is the fourth album by Belgian heavy metallers FireForce. The album was produced by R.D. Liapakis and Bob Briessinck and with the renowned Henrik Udd behind the mixing and mastering desk, the band rediscovered their tight, driving heavy metal; like a panzer at full-throttle! Twelve (ten on the LP version) intensely powerful songs that will definitively put the power in their combat metal.

Warrior Path - Warrior Path

Warrior Path is a Greek project band spearheaded by guitarist Andreas Sinanoglou, which features ex-Wardrum and current Beast In Black vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos, along with contributions by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, ex-Serious Black) on bass, keyboards & guitars along with a chap by the name of Dave Rundle on drums.

Alpha Tiger - Alpha Tiger

Alpha Tiger is a band from Saxony that for some reason seemed to be getting traction after a bunch of releases despite being a second rate, retro sounding band with semi-decent ideas and a singer with a very annoying pitch and timbre, the loss of which, a couple of years ago led them to hiring a new kid by the name of Benjamin Jaino and thus a certain move into a more modern direction. Also, the rather “clean” plastic production is now succeeded by a keyboard heavy, demo like, organic one that however sounds quite muddy and lacking in power.

Substratum - Substratum

Substratum are a Seattle five piece, female fronted no less, but don’t think for a moment that female fronted equals pseudo-operatic, corset wearing, “beauty and the beast”, sort of metal... their front lady is pretty butch and sounds rather Leather-ish in the mannerisms and overall style.

Grey Wolf to release new album “Glorious Death” on June 18th 2016

Grey Wolf's third studio album will be released on June 18th, 2016 via Arthorium Records. The CD titled “Glorious Death” will present a neat booklet with 16 pages and a stunning cover artwork painted in traditional media by French illustrator Nicolas Bournay.

Cover illustration, which shows Grey Wolf warrior wounded and fighting recklessly over a pile of bodies and soldiers, was conceived to be purposely cliché and vibrant, resembling Conan magazines covers, as the theme is one of the biggest influences for the band.

Grey Wolf signs with Arthorium Records

True heavy metal group Grey Wolf signs with Arthorium Records.

Founded in 2012 by veteran Fabio “Grey Wolf” Paulinelli, bassist/singer known for his passages through significant heavy and thrash bands from the Brazilian underground scene, the group has been drawing attention of the heavy metal fans worldwide. In addition to having its two first independent full-length albums re-issued by Stormspell Records (USA), Grey Wolf played recently aside bands like Torture Squad, Hibria and Salário Mínimo, will play with Evil Invaders (BEL), and is being highlighted wherever it performs with a very punchy heavy metal and outstanding stage presence.

Cauldron - In Ruin

I must say that I’ve been following on and off Cauldron, a Canadian “true” metal band that has been going on for the best part of the past ten years, and I did somewhat enjoy their first couple of albums, “Chained to the Nite” and “Burning Fortune”.

Alpha Tiger - iDentity

This is the third full-length album for Alpha Tiger which has been a part of the metal scene for only 4 years. Luckily, “iDentity” is somewhat more updated than the previous “Beneath the Surface” in every part. The album’s mixing and mastering has been done by the renowned Tommy Newton (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Conception, Ark, etc.) and as you can guess the production is very good on the whole.


Hey Harry. Please Introduce Cobra to our readers and talk a bit about the bands history and previous releases.
H: Hails Dimitrios and to all the Greek demons! Cobra was born on 2005 when Nito and Pochuck joined forces to create a band to play heavy metal. After several line-up changes during the first years, we consolidate at 2007 with Nito and Andrés on guitars, Augusto on bass guitar, Pochuck on drums and me on vocals.

Cobra - To Hell

Although I’m a bit touch and go when it comes to these true metal revivalist bands as most of them borderline on self-parody without even realizing it, only successfully copying the dress code of the 80s, sometimes maybe featuring one or two apt band members and even writing one or two good songs... while most of the times featuring out of tune vocalists that scream their balls out, without actually having any attitude or hitting any notes (right anyway) or without the help of autotune… which in turn makes them sound like little girls… oh well… but it’s heavy metal god damn it… leather and spikes and swords and steel and tons of baby oil?! Right?! Right?!