Bulldozing Bastard - Under the Ram

Bulldozing Bastard Under the Ram cover
Bulldozing Bastard
Under the Ram
High Roller Records
With a name like Bulldozing Bastard, I immediately crossed of my mind the notion that this German du-trio, might be indulging in lite AOR... Ehm, expect, no mercy and a sound that has a lot of rock‘n’metal, punk and early black metal (think Venom/Hellhammer) characteristics.
Listening to Bulldozing Bastard’s second album actually brought to my mind a slightly more capable Venom having a gang bang, while listening to Motorhead... Paints a pretty picture, Ja? Well everything ain’t so hanky dory, as they don’t really manage to match up, to those blackened thrash titans, but things are not too bad either, as the simple nature of the songs makes them “easy” to consume.
“Queen of the Night”, “Tornado”, “Mayhem without Mercy” the title track “Under the Ram” and the “(n)e(c)rotic” – “Black Metal Slut” did make me bang my head in sort of – consent and agreement but why listen to a clone-band and not to Venom or even Gehennah, who they seem to owe even a bit more to?
Not bad... it’s pretty “terrible” actually – and I mean that in a good way… if destroying music, is your musical preference! Haha…