Billy Idol - Kings & Queens of the Underground

Billy Idol Kings & Queens of the Underground cover
Billy Idol
Kings & Queens of the Underground
BFI Records
Billy Idol will always be considered to be an eternal rebellious youngster who likes to rock without any restrictions or reservations. I guess there are many amongst us that had the chance to headbang, dance, or even fall in love with his songs. Either way you see it, this guy is a friggin rock legend!
The last studio album by Billy was out in 2006. Thus 8 years later along with his faithful guitarist Steve Stevens released a new album full of new tracks. On board since 2010 there’s also the English talented young guitarist Billy Morrison, who also contributed on the album’s songwriting. The two producers, Trevor Horn (The Buggles, Yes, Art of Noise, etc.) & Greg Kurstin (Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, The Bird and the Bee, Lily Allen) have delivered a sweet, contemporary, smooth but also rockin production.
Honestly I wasn’t expecting something so well-made and gratifying. It’s not that Billy or Steve are not talented guys but the “glorious days” have long gone for the majority of the 70s and 80s Rock Stars. Moreover this latest studio works were a bit disappointing too.
Anyhow, “Kings & Queens of the Underground” is a damn fine album which features some very good rockers such as “Bitter Pill”, “Can’t Break Me Down”, “Save Me Now” & “Postcards from the Past”, a few atmospheric easy-listening & mellow tracks like the homonymous, “Eyes Wide Shut” & “Ghosts in My Guitar” and the sentimental new wave-sih “Nothing to Fear”. Assuredly, Billy’s old fans will fancy this album a lot. As for the new ones it’d be nice to get to know a great artist from the 80s even if he’s close to his 60s… that man still rocks! In addition, a couple of tracks can easily be played on the (web)radio which is full of inharmonious pop-shit. Long live Billy!