Arctic Void - Entangled

Arctic Void Entangled cover
Arctic Void
Power Prog
This is interesting as I do remember introduced to this band a few years back, by one of the vocalists they demoed some stuff with while still called Earthrise (2010-2013) before changing their name to Arctic Void.
With a new singer, Anna Samuelsson, they seem to have finished their demos into an album of fairly modern, dual vocal, commercial rock/metal that draws from classic stuff, melodic stuff, even gothic, but sounds quite contemporary as well… so maybe drawing say from Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Rammstein even a bit of Marilyn Manson, but managing to combine it all with pretty decent songwriting and pretty good performances. Actually because of the dipole of male female vocals – but without growls, the comparison with also Swedes Amaranthe would not be invalid, but these guys are sort of harder edged musically.
Songs like the pop-metal “On the Padded Wall” or the more screaming “State of War” that evokes “Brutal Planet” era Alice Cooper coupled with a bit of Manson, are interesting but not alone, “Who I Am” another commercial piece and the more gothic flavored “The Rising” are interesting as well. It’s too bad they could not/or decided not to use “Snow White” an old “Earthrise” demo, which was quite catchy – but seemingly some of its portion have been used elsewhere...
If you like edgy rock/metal with dual male/female vocals that doesn’t mind being modern, this ain’t too bad a choice, although I did like the previous Anna’s more passionate vocal delivery a bit more… but I guess that’s down to personal preference and not even something a lot of people will focus on.