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After Apocalypse
After Apocalypse
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After Apocalypse were created in 2014, when singer Elena met with rhythm guitarist Seba and clarinetist Varghar, who is also responsible for backing (growl) vocals. Drummer Al, lead guitarist Zendra and Megres on bass were recruited before the end of that year.
They try to mix gothic melodies with death/black vocals, tense riffing and on occasion folk flourishes… sounding actually quite interesting, but not really managing to focus on a certain genre. The use of clarinet, I must say, adds quite an original touch, although as it’s mixed rather low in most cases, it’s not taking a lead role. The male vocals are ultra-deep growls for the most part that are pretty boring, while the female ones, verge from attempts at sounding operatic that seem however rather key challenged and sound quite ill-conceived at times, or somewhat more experimental, which end up not being too bad, but feel more safe and at home in a lower fach…
Also the mix, is not ideal, with the drums sounding too lonely and high in the mix, with the bass really buried and the guitars, quite inaudible a lot of the time and only keys and clarinet, being more prominent. Songs like “World of Marzipan”, “Crying Moon” and “Sentence” are among the better tracks… here, but the band should work on their mix and vocal performances a lot harder, before their next step.