Periphery to release new album “Periphery III: Select Difficulty” on July 22nd 2016

Periphery III: Select Difficulty cover
Periphery, recently announced the release of their fifth album, “Periphery III: Select Difficulty”, on July 22nd, 2016 via Century Media Records outside of North America, Australia and Japan.

Today the band shares the first track, “The Price is Wrong”, from the 11-song album. Listen to the track below.

“It's like handing somebody a grenade”, guitar player Jake Bowen says of the song, which serves as the album opener. “It's so in-your-face and brutal for us. It was a great way to start”.

“Every one of our albums has a nice long intro, and we were like, "Let's kick this off with a drum fill and a pissed-off riff"”, laughs guitar player Misha Mansoor. “It's something we haven't done. It was fun”.

Physical pre-order bundles for the new album are available here - (the light blue vinyl is limited to 200 copies).

1. The Price is Wrong
2. Motormouth
3. Marigold
4. The Way The News Goes...
5. Remain Indoors
6. Habitual Line-Stepper
7. Flatline
8. Absolomb
9. Catch Fire
10. Prayer Position
11. Lune

Euro Live Dates 2016:
June 8 (UK) London - Periphery Master Class at Bell Percussion
June 11 (AT) Nickelsdorf - Nova Rock Festival
June 12 (UK) Derby - Download Festival