Elvenking release music video for new single “Divination”

Elvenking video pic
Elvenking release their new album “Reader of the Ruins - Divination” on August 30th, 2019, via AFM Records.

The band release their new video for single “Divination”, today, 9th August, you can check out the video below.

“Reader of the Ruins - Divination” is available as Digipak, Clear Red Vinyl (Ltd. to 200 pieces), Solid Blue Vinyl (Ltd. to 200 pieces), Blue-White Splatter Vinyl (Ltd. to 500 pieces, AFM exclusive) and Boxset (Digipak, six rune stones in velvet pouch, 22 tarot cards, map, story booklet, handsigned autograph card, certificate of authenticity). Grab your copy here.

01. Perthro
02. Heathen Divine
03. Divination
04. Silverseal  
05. The Misfortune Of Virtue
06. Eternal Eleanor
07. Diamonds In The Night
08. Under The Sign Of A Black Star
09. Malefica Doctrine  
10. Sic Semper Tyrannis  
11. Warden Of The Bane
12. Reader Of The Runes – Book I 

Considering the impressive history of Elvenking, there’s no denying it, the Italian Folk Power Metal band belongs to the most important and unique bands of the scene. Founded in 1997, the musicians soon established themselves among the leading acts of Europe when it comes to powerful Metal music with Folk and Pagan influences. Since the beginning of their career, Elvenking worked with AFM Records – a strong connection that resulted in nine albums so far.

On August 30th, 2019, the band releases their next and tenth masterpiece: “Reader of the Ruins - Divination”. The concept album is an adventurous journey into a mystic world of runes, magic and ancient powers far away from the visible.

The band about their new album:
“For the first time in our career we’ve created a whole world that will accompany the songs. We were finally ready to write a story that could embrace and contain the essence of this band, the concept of our message and the atmospheres of our music. "Divination" is the first chapter of the "Reader of the Runes" story that will continue and will be developed in our next albums. In this first chapter you will get to know the characters of the story, through the songs and the lyrics, through the runes and magic”.

But not only the overwhelming concept makes “Reader of the Ruins - Divination” maybe the most epic album Elvenking ever recorded, musically, it is definitely an album that breathes freshness while still being totally loyal to the unique sound of the band. “A renewed excitement and a song-writing that has been brilliant for us. The new material explores all our sounds and influences, and it probably contains the straightest material ever done by the band as well as the most extreme. Expect big melodies, folk tunes, lots of acoustic breaks and heavy stuff in an album that those who already listened to it already consider (one of) our best ever”, the band states.

With “Reader of the Ruins - Divination”, Elvenking started a completely new chapter in the band’s existence and opened a new world to their fans and listeners. Let the story begin – the power of the runes and the mysteries of divination are waiting for you!

Elvenking will be playing HRH Vikings II on 30th November at O2 Academy Sheffield. Tickets are available here.