Vinnie Moore - Aerial Visions

Vinnie Moore Aerial Visions cover
Vinnie Moore
Aerial Visions
Mind’s Eye Music
Vinnie Moore hasn’t come up with a solo album for about six years now. There are many Vinnie’s followers that have been anticipating for a new solo work and finally their prayers are answered! Vinnie started working on his new solo release almost two years ago. Two of those instrumental tracks, “Now’s the Time” & “Faith”, finally made it into a UFO album with vocals. I guess when there’s a good idea/theme it’s hard to keep it for yourself only! The album also features a very tasteful (instrumental) cover on ZZ Top’s “La Grange”
“Aerial Visions” features everything you love about Vinnie. Blues-rock, funk-rock, bebop, neo-classical, hard rock & classic rock, along with progressive & atmospheric touches, are all blended together perfectly so as to deliver such an incredible outcome. Even those who long for some shredding moments won’t be disappointed. Vinnie has something for all of his devotees. After all, Vinnie does not have to prove anything anymore. He’s indeed one of the most important guitarists of our time and that thing cannot change. He has been a great influence for all the younger guitarists who are trying to make a name for themselves.
It would be a miss not to refer to the musicians who accompany Vinnie on this album and they are: the drummer Richie Monica (Tantric, Poppa Chubby) and the bassists Dave LaRue (Steve Morse Band, Flying Colors, The Dregs), Rob DeLuca (UFO, Sebastian Bach), Dorian Heartsong (Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience) and Elliott Dean Rubinson (Uli Jon Roth, MSG).
Vinnie reminds us that he can play fast, technically, slow and, most important of all, emotionally with “Aerial Visions”. That’s what’s missing from instrumental guitar albums these days and from today’s music at large. There are times that Vinnie will touch your inner soul with his inspirational solos and his wonderful guitaristic themes. The more you play this album the more you’ll get into it. And no, “Aerial Visions” is not meant to be heard only by guitarists but by all those who love emotional, stimulating and all-around instrumental guitaristic albums. Closing, I can’t help but say that “A Million Miles Gone” is among Vinnie top tracks ever…