Death Of A Dryad - Hameln

Death Of A Dryad Hameln cover
Death Of A Dryad
Wormholedeath / Trisol Music Group
Death Of A Dryad returns with their sophomore full-length release almost 7 years after the self-titled debut. In 2016 they also released the “Blight” EP. The French duo, which consists of vocalist & guitarist Nogh and bassist & flutist Carol, have come up with a new release which combines many elements from various genres and has a dark yet mysterious atmosphere as a whole.
Even though it’s impossible to categorize them, I would say that their music is an amalgam of gothic, dark, atmospheric, darkwave, doom, folk, rock, metal and industrial in a way. Hence, to be fair, it is way better to listen to their music than try to guess it from anyone’s description. Moreover the full crystal clear production gives extra points to the album, cuz a complex song orchestration should always have a great production.
“Hameln” is one of those atmospheric, dark and strange albums that will grab the attention of the not so ordinary people, who like variety and mystery on their music voyages. Furthermore “Hameln” needs several and repeated listens so as to get into it moody and mysterious music and lyric concept. Almost certainly one of the best dark and enchanting albums of 2021.