Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Sabaton Carolus Rex cover
Carolus Rex
Nuclear Blast
Sabaton should have been happy for the release of their new, seventh, studio album, if it wasn’t for a notable issue that shook the band & the fans for good. Almost a month and a half before the official release of “Carolus Rex”, four members (three of them original), the two guitarists Oskar Montelius & Rikard Sunden, the drummer Daniel Mulback and the keyboardist Daniel Myhr left the band for unspecified reasons. That’s more than weird… especially since the guys had recorded a new album and they were waiting to tour Europe to support it. The new Sabaton members are: Chris Rörland (Nocturnal Rites) on guitar, Thobbe Englund (Winterlong, Raubtier) on guitar & Robban Bäck (Baltimoore, Prey) on drums. They haven’t found a keyboardist as we speak… but I think any guy would like to be part of a known & active band… don’t ya think?
“Carolus Rex” also has those elements that made the band beloved to its fans all those years. It’s heavy, powerful, symphonic and epic… with imposing keys and beautiful choirs. Their epic, heavy/power metal mix… with features from Powerwolf, Accept & Manowar… sounds very interesting at least to those who like epic tunes with war-like lyrics. Do not except anything else… than what you are used to listening to from this band… the songs here are mid-tempo with melodic choral parts & refrains, heavy rhythms and epic atmosphere. The eminent producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Pain, Celtic Frost among others), who has also delivered some guest vocals on the song “Gott Mit Uns”, has done a great job… as the production is awesome in any part.
Epicenes, heaviness, sing-along refrains, war themes, powerful mind-tempo rhythms, melodic & atmospheric essentials… are some of the things you will find in “Carolus Rex”. Without any doubt, this is a well-written album… the band does know what to deliver and they do it well. After “Coat to Arms” which is among my beloved songs of all time due to their exceptional lyrics for the Greek Epos of 1940… I think I just found another favorite song from Sabaton… “A Lifetime of War” is a pure melodious heavy anthem… surely among the best songs of the year. Do not have any second thoughts… this album contains many good songs and every time you play it, you will fancy several tunes for it is very enjoyable as a cohesive piece of music. The new album will be available in both the English and Swedish language plus a limited edition which features a double CD with both language versions. The double CD will also feature a different cover artwork. If you follow this band and like this kind of music… then you can’t go wrong with this album. “Carolus Rex” is among the top epic, heavy/power metal albums of 2012.