Metal Church - The Weight of the World

Metal Church The Weight of the World cover
Metal Church
The Weight of the World
Yeaaaaah!!! I hadn’t listened to such a metal album for quite a long time now! It might fell in our hands a bit late, but the album honestly kicks ass!! Pure heavy metal flows from the speakers and melts everything that dares to stand on its way! Goodness, it travels me back to the times I had just started inventing heavy metal music and I was thrilled by its riffs, breaks and solos... the power and the glory! Everything we have ever loved is right here: Power, melody, harshness, harmonies, fury riffs, solid rhythm section with outbursts of double bass drumming, lyrical mid-tempo bridges etc. This album is the revenge of the headbangers!!!
For those who don’t know the band, Metal Church comes from the States. They had made quite an impression in the early 90s with heir glorious albums, “Metal Church” and “Blessing in Disguise”, but unfortunately the times then were not the best ones for pure heavy metal groups. The band never made the big break to larger audiences and to be honest I personally lost track of them. But now the Church seems to be determined to gain what it deserves. Their approach can also be called US power metal, but I think that the music here is pure heavy metal! Hellstar, Jag Panzer, Savage Grace, Destiny’s End and Judas Priest create the platform from which Metal Church is launched! No joking… there is no filler in here. All songs are great and guaranty you a very good time, as long as you love heavy metal! I wonder now where are those who keep arguing that traditional heavy metal is dead. This album is the answer to all of them. Hail!