Giulio Garghentini - Believe

Giulio Garghentini - Believe cover artwork 2013
Giulio Garghentini
Tanzan Music
After 20 or so years a dream comes true for Mr. Giulio (Mantra, Darkfire), as he finally manages to release his anticipated solo album. Surrounded by a team of experienced musicians such as: Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Mitch Malloy, Axe, Issa) on guitars & backing vox, Apollo Negri (Link Quartet, Wicked Minds) on keys, Gianni Grecchi (Blueville, Rusty Miles) on bass and Paolo Botteschi (Hungryheart) on drums, resulted in getting the best results on the songs arrangements. All the aforementioned musicians have also helped din the songwriting.
Giulio has a rockin’ warm & raspy voice which reminded me of Glenn Hughes at times especially when hitting his higher notes. Hence the music of the album couldn’t have been different with such a voice. Hard rock, blues rock, funk rock, melodic rock, classic rock, & rock ‘n roll music have been blended harmonically in this album. Sometimes quite groovy, others more easy-going & soft and mostly rockin’. You’ll get plenty of Hammond too! Were I to name a few bands in order to give you an extra hint I would say any act that Glenn (including his solo works) has been part of like: Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes/Thrall, Hughes Turner Project & Black Country Communion. Furthermore, the production that Mario Percudani has delivered is remarkable in every part. Mario along with Daniele Mandelli also recorded, mixed and mastered the album at Tanzan Music Recording Studio in Italy. Mario is not only a great musician but an equally great producer. He also sings on “The Words That I Haven’t Said” which happens to be one of the finest tunes on the album.
“Believe” is a genuine, rockin’, melodic, groovy, funky, stylish, energetic & emotional album at large. I spent several days listening to this album and it doesn’t lose at any part nor it becomes tedious after a few listens as most of today music. You know why? Cuz’ it has been made with care and has been baptized in the late70s/early80s era when music was more expressive, warm, genuine & humanistic. Those distinctive musical principles are all over this album, believe me. I can’t think of any good reason why a rocker that fancies 70s/80s rock music could overlook this album. I do hope they keep it up like this and to hear again from them in the near future…