Belladonna - The Orchestral Album

Belladonna The Orchestral Album cover
The Orchestral Album
Independent Release
After 2013’s album “Shooting Dice with God”, I was expecting a new studio album from Belladonna, but it seems that the band had different plans and they finally recorded and released the orchestral album they’ve always wanted to. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but knowing how much both Luana Caraffa and Dani Macchi take care of every little detail, I was pretty sure that this new release was going to be rather enjoyable… and thankfully, I was damn right!
“The Orchestral Album” features 10 tracks form the band’s back-catalogue, which have been re-arranged and recorded with a symphonic orchestra. The tracks were orchestrated by conductor Angelina Yershova. All the tracks were recorded live in the studio with the orchestra. The performances are great and Luana sings very passionately on the whole. The album was funded by the loyal supporters of the band, their fans, and that thing gave the band the apt freedom to do things their way. It’s a blessing to have fans that can support you in every new step and Belladonna have achieved that thing over the course of years.
What I like the most about “The Orchestral Album” is that it brings two apparently diverse music worlds together… the noir, atmospheric, romantic, emotional, gothic, arty world by Belladonna and the orchestral one. If you happen to fancy both of those music variations then this album will totally gratify you. Then again the long-time supporters of the band are already enjoying “The Orchestral Album”, so this release is already successful. If you do not know Belladonna better start with a studio album of theirs… but in case you’re a symphonic noir rock lover then this album will surely make you ask for more…