Belladonna releases lyric video for new single “Astronomer of Life”

Italian quintet Belladonna are amongst that rare breed of bands whose utterly unique sound has enraptured and inspired fans and followers all over the world and you have, without doubt, heard their music in many movies, dramas and adverts. Yet again they have released another stunning track, “Astronomer of Life”, via Belladonna Records, today (November 15th).

Check out the lyric video for “Astronomer of Life” below.

Lisa Stansfield to release new studio album “Deeper” on April 6th 2018

Lisa Stansfield has announced that her new album “Deeper” will be released on April 6th, 2018, on earMusic.

The first track to be made available is “Everything” - with its groove, funk, soul and signature vocals, the songs is an exciting taster of what we can expect from the new album.

“Everything” is available instantly when pre-ordering the album “Deeper” here and can be streamed on Spotify here.

Belladonna releases the first Selfie Music Video ever for “Spartacus”

Italian cult rock band Belladonna has just released a one/off single titled “Spartacus”, and its video was shot by the band's singer Luana Caraffa as a selfie video!

“We cannot be conclusively sure it is the first Selfie Music Video of all time, but after watching it you will agree with us that its surreal time-bending aspect makes it the craziest!”, quips Luana.

“Spartacus” is inspired by the slave gladiator who started and led the major slave uprising against Rome in 72 BC.

“It's a rebel song, a call to arms, 2 minutes of pure anthemic fury”, says Luana.

Belladonna - The Orchestral Album

After 2013’s album “Shooting Dice with God”, I was expecting a new studio album from Belladonna, but it seems that the band had different plans and they finally recorded and released the orchestral album they’ve always wanted to. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but knowing how much both Luana Caraffa and Dani Macchi take care of every little detail, I was pretty sure that this new release was going to be rather enjoyable… and thankfully, I was damn right!

Belladonna launches crowd-funding campaign for the new orchestral album

Italian cult rock noir purveyors Belladonna have just launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform Musicraiser!
Titled "Belladonna: The Orchestral Album", the campaign is aimed at raising funds for the live recording in a studio of an album of 10 classic Belladonna songs with a concert orchestra.

Belladonna announces live show in London & releases new video

Belladonna are scheduled to play a very special showcase in London on the 26th of February!!... 
The Italian rock noir band will play in The Borderline, one of the world's most legendary music clubs that has played host to R.E.M., Jeff Healey, Oasis and countless other illustrious artists. 
This one/off show will support the release in all UK stores - distributed by Cargo, UK's biggest indie record distributor - of Belladonna's latest album "Shooting Dice with God".


Hi Luana… It seems that work never stops for you. After an extended tour you’re back with a new album. How do you feel?
L: I feel as the luckiest person in the world... music is my life, the life I’ve chosen... how could I be happier?
Even though you have been around for about 8 years, this is your forth release to date. That’s almost a new album every 2 years. I think not leaving big gaps between albums and keeping your fans always interested in the band is a good thing. Do you agree?

Belladonna - Shooting Dice with God

It ain’t of minor importance to be around for less than a decade and tour, play, record & release albums and have “created” your own music path. That’s more or less what Belladonna have achieved in almost 8 years of existence. “Shooting Dice with God” is the band’s fourth full-length release… and as they like to call it their “rock noir” keeps evolving and maturing with years.