Jon Anderson - Special Concert At Sadler's Well

Music legend and original YES vocalist and songwriter Jon Anderson will be playing special one-off concert on August 8th at the Sadler's Wells Theater in London.
This will be the first time Jon has performed in the UK since his successful tour with Rick Wakeman in 2010.
“The concert in London is with the Slovakian Chamber Orchestra with the help of my good friend composer Peter Machajdik plus a semi acoustic group I performed with a couple of years ago in Bratislava,” says Jon. “"Concert for Earth and Peace" – the show will be around one hour long, with classic YES songs, and Vangelis songs, plus "Earth and Peace", a new song written with the music of Austin Haynes, and some surprises”.
Also performing, Miro Zbirka from Slovakia, a celebrated singer/songwriter with a career spanning 40 years.
Jon recently completed a successful summer tour in support of his critically acclaimed new 21-minute digital download release "OPEN".
Here's what the press have raved about Jon's past few tours:
“Jon Anderson is as engaging and charming as ever!” - Howard Whitman, E-Gear Magazine, Philadelphia
“...with the still-sky-high voice wove together tunes from across his career” - Thomas Kintner, Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT
“Anderson's voice is still remarkable!” - Victor Fiorillo, The Philly Post
“His gentle, joyful presence brings light into even a darkened room” - Eri-Chan Listens
“It was clear the audience was having a good time as they sang along with Anderson, cheered him on, danced at their tables, and gave him a standing ovation during the end of the show and the encore – the place was filled with excitement, happiness and lots of love!” Ashley Perez – Chicago Music Examiner
“The songs were clearly different... warm, and enough to remind listeners why they fell in love with YES in the first place” - John J. Moser, The Morning Call, MD
In other news, a vocal version of Vangelis's song “Chariots of Fire' titled "Race To The End", with lyrics penned by Jon, has become a hit song in the UK by Russell Watson. Jon is currently recording part two to his recently released 21-minute musical opus "OPEN" titled "Ever".
“Music is constantly happening all around me. I'm busy working on "Ever", a follow up to "Open", part two of my journey into the longer form music I love to create”. Also, Jon is working on the highly anticipated sequel to his critically acclaimed first solo album "Olias of Sunhillow" titled "Zamran". “"Zamran" is slowly finding me, or I'm slowly finding Zamran (Son of Olias), sometimes good things take time I'm told. with love.... many blessings... Jon Anderson”.
Lastly, Jon will be touring South America in the Fall 2012, for tour dates click here.
Jon Anderson "OPEN" digital download is available here.
Jon Anderson "Survival & Other Stories" is available through Gonzo MultiMedia.