Belladonna announces live show in London & releases new video

Belladonna are scheduled to play a very special showcase in London on the 26th of February!!... 
The Italian rock noir band will play in The Borderline, one of the world's most legendary music clubs that has played host to R.E.M., Jeff Healey, Oasis and countless other illustrious artists. 
This one/off show will support the release in all UK stores - distributed by Cargo, UK's biggest indie record distributor - of Belladonna's latest album "Shooting Dice with God".


Hi Luana… It seems that work never stops for you. After an extended tour you’re back with a new album. How do you feel?
L: I feel as the luckiest person in the world... music is my life, the life I’ve chosen... how could I be happier?
Even though you have been around for about 8 years, this is your forth release to date. That’s almost a new album every 2 years. I think not leaving big gaps between albums and keeping your fans always interested in the band is a good thing. Do you agree?

Belladonna - Shooting Dice with God

It ain’t of minor importance to be around for less than a decade and tour, play, record & release albums and have “created” your own music path. That’s more or less what Belladonna have achieved in almost 8 years of existence. “Shooting Dice with God” is the band’s fourth full-length release… and as they like to call it their “rock noir” keeps evolving and maturing with years.

Steve Thorne - Crimes & Reasons

Steve Thorne is an old known fellow to Grande Rock… meaning that we had the pleasure to present this debut here back in 2005 when he was making his first steps to discography. Since then Steve has released 3 more full-length works including the latest one “Crimes & Reasons”.

RPWL - Beyond Man and Time

This is a brand new work for the German band after 4 years since “The RPWL Experience” in 2008. There have been some line-up changes… the new bassist of the band is Werner Taus… filling the group along with the drummer Marc Turiaux and the keyboardist Markus Jehle that has also appeared in RPWL’s compilation album “The Gentle Art Of Music” in 2010.

Jon Anderson & Marco Sabiu - new single & tour

The international music community is buzzing with excitement over the new collaboration between legendary YES vocalist/songwriter Jon Anderson and Italian composer/conductor, international producer and arranger Marco Sabiu. “Limitless Lives” is the new single co-written and performed by Anderson and Sabiu, and is now available as a digital download. The song is also available on Marco Sabiu's most recent album "Audio Ergo Sum", which was presented on February 18, 2012 on live TV before an audience of 12 million; the album has consequently reached iTunes Italy Top 10. 

It Bites - new album details & tour dates

It Bites: Following on from the highly-acclaimed "Tall Ships", It Bites return with their first concept album in a career that spans 25 years.
Inspired by the discovery of an old family photograph, "Map of the Past" is a highly personal journey that explores love, passion, jealousy, anger, remorse and loss through the eyes of a previous generation against the backdrop of Britain as it enters a new century and one of the most defining periods of its history.