D.A.M. - CD reissues out August 14th

Historically speaking England could be considered the birthplace of heavy metal with the likes of Black Sabbath forging a new path for heavy music. But during the 1980’s the thrash metal movement stronghold was America and UK bands like D.A.M. (alongside Xentrix, Deathwish and Onslaught) fought tooth and nail to make their impact heard from across the Atlantic. Knowingly an uphill battle, D.A.M. managed to release two impressive albums (1989’s "Human Wreckage" and 1991’s "Inside Out") during their initial years.
Two albums, despite being tracked in Germany with legendary producer Harris Johns, are distinctively British in their use of simplistic and crunching riffs rather than relying solely on technical aptitude. The strength of big chords and rousing choruses were employed by D.A.M. to great success. "Human Wreckage" and "Inside Out" remain popular now 20 years later, despite being out of print for two decades, due to the band’s original desire to cross boundaries and stave off being labeled haphazardly as simply another “thrash band,” but instead be remembered as a classic British heavy metal band.
Both reissues feature newly remastered audio, restored artwork by original artist Andreas Marschall (Running Wild, Blind Guardian), band interviews conducted in 2012 and 12 page booklets full of archival photos. For the fans, by the fans.
Keep up with the members of D.A.M. as they have begun rehearsals for upcoming live performances and the eventual recording of long lost "Kaledioscope Sessions" material.
"Human Wreckage"
CD/Digital out 8/14/12
1. M.A.D.
2. Death Warmed Up
3. Killing Time
4. Left To Rot
5. Prophets Of Doom
6. Terror Squad
7. Total Destruction
8. Infernal Torment
9. Vendetta
11. Aliens
12. F.O.D.
"Inside Out"
CD/Digital out 8/14/12
1. Man Of Violence
2. House Of Cards
3. Appointment With Fear
4. Thought For The Day
5. Winter’s Tear
6. The Innocent One
8. Circles
9. No Escape
10. Beneath Closed Eyes
11. Inside Outro