Powerwolf live in London 2018 along with Amaranthe and Kissin’ Dynamite

Powerwolf are a dark and mysterious German heavy metal band. Exploring mythological tales of vampires and werewolves. Combined with their gothic clothing, corpse face paint and their use of fantasy pseudonyms and back stories, they create a dark and mystical atmosphere. They are embarking on their Wolfsnächte Tour 2018, after releasing their latest album “The Sacrament of Sin”., which contains plenty of their classic power and heavy metal anthems, with the added depth and variety from their first ever ballad and some of their darkest and heaviest songs yet! Powerwolf are joined by their very special guests Amaranthe and Kissin’ Dynamite. Amaranthe is a Swedish heavy metal band, rising to fame through the unique sound created by the varied female and male vocals. Kissin’ Dynamite are another example of a fantastic German hard & heavy band. I was lucky enough to get to interview lead vocalist Hannes, before the show.
Powerwolf London Show 2018 poster
The energy and excitement was at fever point before Powerwolf even reached the stage. Kissin’ Dynamite and Amaranthe had already drawn everyone to the stage, singing and dancing along. The lights go down and cheers ring out, with people chanting “Powerwolf, Powerwolf, Powerwolf!” and the cheers become deafening as they finally hit the stage. After the first couple of songs, someone dressed as a monks brings out a thurible, the catholic incense holder, handing it to Attila Dorn. Who steps forward and shouts out to crowd; “To power our army, we need iron! And incense!”… Crashing into one of the songs from their new album “Incense and Iron”. Which you definitely imagine being in the back drop of a Viking battle scene.
Attila has fun joking around with the crowd and getting them involved. He tells us to raise our fists into the air and cross our arms, to mirror his own, and asks us to sing along with him.
“We’re not just here for the heavy metal mass; we’re also here to sing! Will you sing with me?”…. The whole room joins in with the catchy “Demons are a Girl’s Best Friends”. Another song from their latest album, the fact people can already sing along to the songs released just months ago, is a testament to them.
There were continuous crowd surfers and then before you knew it half the room was engulfed in a mosh pit. People stomp and pound their feet, sending reverberations through the floor. The whole audience is awash with cheering, chanting and clapping. Attila lifts his hands into the air, basking in the applause from his adoring fans. Falk, organist, brings out a flag with their symbol on it, the material billowing about as he flies it across the stage. A couple of monks then roll out a piano! And he asks everyone to hold up the lights from their phones, as Falk begins his solo. Then Attila’s vocals call out clearly, forming a soulful but empowering ballad. Building in intensity and heaviness. The people in the mosh pit slow and form a circle, linking arms and head banging into the centre. Greywolf takes to the second raised stage and strikes a killer power pose. Then the lights go down, and then a single beam hits him as he begins to play. Finishing the song on an epic guitar solo as snow like bubble fell from above.
“A big thank you my friends! It’s so good to be back in London. Always get such applause and feels like home! Now we have your blood… Now we drink your blood!”, he shouts out as he raised a golden chalice. And they launch into “We Drink Your Blood” from their earlier album “Blood of the Saints”. Another powerful Viking ballad, calling all warriors to war. Blood red lights flood the room as the audience joins in chanting “we drink your blood!”… “We are altogether here to celebrate the heavy metal mass, and altogether here to sin! London, you’re f@cking amazing”!!!
After interviewing the lovely vocalist Hannes just couple of hours before, I was really excited to see Kissin’ Dynamite play. And they didn’t disappoint! The stage even had massive red glowing sticks of dynamite!
“We’re here to bring back rock ‘n’ roll!”… Hannes brought a full power hit of the 80’s glam metal scene, with skin tight leather trouser, half undone shirt and the obligatory big hair! Hannes has great stage presence; dancing, gyrating and joking about. You can tell they love performing! Hannes gets everyone’s fists in the air, punching the sky and singing along. He exits the stage, and we think it’s all over, but they hit back in with an epic guitar solo. And out comes Hannes, complete with fur trimmed red cloak flowing about him, and sceptre! For the catchy “I will be King”.
“I’m f@cking speechless! Serious f@cking goose-bumps, and that’s from you lot! We have bee to a lot of places, but this was my favourite to play, as it’s our first time in London town! Can you feel how strong a metal community you are?”! He stands at the front and looks out at the adoring audience, and he grins. You can see his raw love and passion for music and his fans.
The stage lights went down and a recorded voice started playing, a dystopian political speech about the state of society, seemingly fitting for right now! Then Amaranthe hit the stage, to raucous applause. Last to hit the stage is Elize. She takes off her leather coat to reveal a stunning red latex body suit and knee high boots. “Get those horns up in the air, and get ready to jump”! The layers of instruments and vocals add depth and a unique sound. The mix of Elize’s beautiful, lyrical female vocals combined with the death metal male vocals and proper emo screams. They create a formidable line-up with all three singers full on head-banging their long hair.
“Get your phones out and light them up, and sing with us”! Chiming in with the more soulful ballad “Amaranthine” with a beautiful solo by Elize and Morten on drums. Then hit straight back in to the heavy metal. Johan, bass, take centre stage at the end, “You kiss your mother with that mouth?! Now it’s time for the offending guy”! Laughter ripples through the room. He then proceeds to go through all the swear words and insults a few members of the audience, to everyone’s amusement. They really do have great fun and gets the audience involved.
In full corpse paint and gothic style, smashing their powerful heavy metal songs, they create an intimidating line up. Mixing up some of their old classics with the highlights from their latest album. Of course they played their famous heavy metal anthem “Blessed and Possessed”. They give the show an added dimension with theatrics and audience participation, their energy and passion was infectious. The whole room was chanting and singing along throughout, forming mosh pits or crowd surfing to the front. The obvious love their fans have for them is a true testament to their skills as musicians and their characters.