Blacktop Mojo and Otherwise live in Ashwaubenon, WI, 2019

Starting off, and in all honesty, I’ve been to many shows, but the combination of these bands that hit the stage was magic. As the crowd filled in, and the bands got their act going, the energy grew to almost a palatable state. In support of Blacktop Mojo’s release of “Under the Sun”, the Texas boys brought it to the Green Bay Distillery on this cool Friday in November. Along with BTM, Otherwise, Lullwater and Kirra.
Blacktop Mojo and Otherwise US Tour 2019 poster
Kirra came out raw, driven, and ready. Even though it was a small crowd at first, they were still loving these Oklahoma boys. A raw, gritty sound fills the venue with “Pull You Out”, and “Blind”. “Decider” was cool to hear live, after watching their video. Over their set, the guys from Kirra brought the energy needed to start the night out right. A band to check out again for sure.
A four piece outta Athens, Georgia, Lullwater kept the momentum going. With the crowd doubled in size now, you can tell that there is something great expected. Carrying the crowd through cuts like, “Albatross”, “This Life” and “Holy Water”, it was great to see the fans opening up already. Lullwater definitely pulls no stops on their ride through the night.
Energy is high as the LED panels for Otherwise started to glow, and the guys enter the stage. The hard rockers from Las Vegas are on the road again, in support of their upcoming album, “Defy”. Adrian always pushes the envelope with his stage presence. In the past for myself experiencing Otherwise, I felt that he channeled Freddy Mercury when it came to his performance. The band is always tight live, and tonight wasn’t any exception. In fact, they brought even more energy! You can feel the passion that Otherwise brings to stage as they roll through songs, “Money”, “Lifted” and “Bad Trip” off of their new release. It was also great to hear Olderwise songs from previous albums such as, “Meet Me in the Dark”, “Apologize” and the anthem, “Soldiers”.
You can see why these guys are rising fast! As I stated earlier, Blacktop Mojo out on tour supporting their new album “Under the Sun”. They are, simply saying, a great band to see live. Their talent is a raw, in your face, (and in some instances, a camera lens), charismatic… yet bluesy, rock, country and god knows what else to say live performance. They bring everything to the stage!
They opened with the percussive, heavy bass riff, “Lay it on Me”. Matt Curtis, as always, is animated and prowls the stage. At the helm, Matt James pulls the crowd in with his strong vocal performances on, “Burn the Ships”, “End of Days”, and their title track, “Under the Sun”. The band has also touched on covers live such as, “Dream On”, “In the Air Tonight” and others. Even through the technical difficulties at one point, Matt and Ryan seamlessly drop in, “She Talks to Angels”, which wasn’t called out on their setlist. It’s good to see that a band can keep the momentum going. Matt’s vocal ability is amazing to say the least. When you catch these guys live, pay close attention to everyone on the stage. They all are pieces to a puzzle that make a great night called Blacktop Mojo.
To close this night out, it was a great show. The singers from each of the bands had their own style, but altogether, they had to have been the most energetic and charismatic individuals on one stage that I’ve seen in a long time. The musicians kept driving and cutting through the night, and were sharp as hell.
A side note: Ryan, the promoter for Green Bay Distillery, deserves a very special thank you. You are always very accommodating! Great venue!