Opeth to release new album “Sorceress” on September 30th 2016

2016 marks the monumental return of Opeth, one of heavy rock's most unique, revered and fearless bands of the last three decades. Over the years, the experimental prog icons have continuously reinvented themselves, pushing the boundaries of their craft and expectations of fans and critics alike.

Today, Opeth have unveiled the album artwork and tracklist for their 12th album, “Sorceress”, which will be released on September 30th, 2016. The release will be their first for Nuclear Blast via the band's imprint label, Moderbolaget Records.

Opeth signs with Nuclear Blast Entertainment & announces new album “Sorceress”

Swedish progressive legends, Opeth have signed to Nuclear Blast Entertainment and announce the release of their forthcoming 12th studio album, “Sorceress” this Autumn.

“We're happy to confirm that we have indeed signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and will be putting out our 12th studio album, "Sorceress" via our own imprint, Moderbolaget Records”, states frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt. “The decision was made in Markus Staiger's (Nuclear Blast kingpin) ridiculously potent Porsche going at 150 mph somewhere in the south of Germany. We're happy to be part of the NB team and look forward to a fruitful relationship”.

Opeth announces one-off UK show at Wembley Arena on November 19th 2016

Opeth are set to play a one-off UK show at London's Wembley Arena this winter.

The Swedish band are currently hard at work on their new album, the follow up to 2014's “Pale Communion”, which is pencilled for a release later this year.

Last year the band celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a string of special “An Evening With...” shows, that saw the band grace the stage of historic and celebrated venues such as London's Theatre Royal, LA's Orpheum and New York's Beacon Theater.

Spiders - Shake Electric

And the 70s mania with the bell-bottoms and the hippy attitude continues! Hooray! What’s better than some 70s female-fronted bands trying to “revive” the old days?! It’s strange (funny too) to see all these “rock music rebels” living in 2014 and fantasizing they are in a hippy 70s parallel universe!

Opeth push back the release of “Pale Communion” to late August

Opeth has announced that the release of their highly anticipated eleventh studio album, “Pale Communion” has been reslated for August 26th, 2014.
“Many of you have heard the rumours already and we can now confirm that the release of "Pale Communion" has indeed been pushed back to late August”, commented Opeth frontman, Mikael Åkerfeldt. “Several circumstances prevented the band from delivering essential tools to Roadrunner in time which are needed to set up the album release properly and release schedule conflicts made us mutually decide on August instead of June”.

Dawn - Darker

It may have taken them 7 years to come up with the second full-length album but these Swiss guys do know exactly what they are up to. Having a limitless adoration for the 70s era and for bands such as: Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Gentle Giant, ELP, Camel, etc., Dawn can be placed on the neo-retro or neo-vintage (if there’s such a thing) ‘movement’ of our time.

Brimstone - Mannsverk

Well, there’s a paradox with this album and the band’s name. The band’s actual name, since their beginning in the late 90s, used to be The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, till today. Suddenly the band’s members decided to change it on their 4th full-length album. Long weird names do not work the same way they used to back in the day and people often forget about them easily. Seasons change! So, know if someone searches them using their original name or tries to find some info about their new album they will be kinda confused, as there’s lots of false info on the internet. I guess the internet provides false info in many cases so if you give it a helping hand and the system gets confused, it will go crazy on you!

Lost Society - Fast Loud Death

Just imagine for a while… that this very young Finnish heavy/thrash metal band wasn’t on Nuclear Blast. Who would have been aware of them and who would spend their time dealing with them no more than they deserve to? The answer is very easy huh?!
Lost Society belong to the NWOTM movement of our time and they do suffer from the same “childhood diseases” as all of those new thrash band. Well, I think that the younger the band is the worse the case is but what the heck!