Brimstone - Mannsverk

Brainstorm Firesoul cover
Karisma Records
Well, there’s a paradox with this album and the band’s name. The band’s actual name, since their beginning in the late 90s, used to be The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, till today. Suddenly the band’s members decided to change it on their 4th full-length album. Long weird names do not work the same way they used to back in the day and people often forget about them easily. Seasons change! So, know if someone searches them using their original name or tries to find some info about their new album they will be kinda confused, as there’s lots of false info on the internet. I guess the internet provides false info in many cases so if you give it a helping hand and the system gets confused, it will go crazy on you!
Anyhow, Brimstone, as the band is called now, continue the late 60s/early 70s prog pop/rock journey of theirs. Considering the fact that this ain’t the band’s first attempt and that nowadays there is a trend to copy-paste the 70s (mostly), this album bears no surprise for anyone. It does sound extremely retro – in comparison to the majority of today’s works which copy-paste the 70s music but they have a more fresh & modern sound. As the press release say the guys recorded the album on their own studio and they used lots of original vintage equipment. That’s the beauty of being really “old-fashioned”! I do like their sound, it does remind me the sweet sound the 70s records used to have.
Musically, the guys seems to love the melodic, psychedelic & lyric side of the 60s/early 70s prog pop/rock music. The tracks are nice and well-arranged. You’re not gonna hear anything that you haven’t listened to before. However, everything on “Mannsverk” has been done with flavor & substance. Personally, I do not fancy the singer’s voice that much but that’s my perspective. In spite of everything “Mannsverk” is an artistic “retro” prog pop/rock album that can be heard pleasantly…