Dawn - Darker

Dawn Darker cover
The Laser’s Edge
It may have taken them 7 years to come up with the second full-length album but these Swiss guys do know exactly what they are up to. Having a limitless adoration for the 70s era and for bands such as: Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Gentle Giant, ELP, Camel, etc., Dawn can be placed on the neo-retro or neo-vintage (if there’s such a thing) ‘movement’ of our time.
“Darker” is not as dark as its title declares. It’s atmospheric, progressive, symphonic, complex, melodic & rockin’ with long tracks and various tempo/mood changes. It needs time & various listens for it ain’t your ordinary straightforward easy-listening album. The production is very smooth & rather retro but it is what you might expect. It’s very good though.
“Darker” is a well-played & well-produced album in general. The songs are very smartly orchestrated on the whole. I kinda miss the memorable melodies and that’s the part where it suffers a bit. But then again the prog rock freaks do not care about such things so I guess they will enjoy this album more than I did. Should you like this kind of music do give it a listen…